300x300x0.6mm Black Silicone Rubber Sheet Self Adhesive Pad High Temperature Plate Mat

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Material: Silicone Rubber
Color: Black
Tensile Strength: 12Mpa
Hardness: 60 Shore A
Elongation: 300% ~ 350%
Density: 1.20 ± 0.05 g/cm³
Break Down Voltage: 4.5kV
Temperature: -60℃ ~ 300℃
Thickness: 0.6mm
Size (L*W): 300mm x 300mm


● High quality silicone rubber with good performance of anti-aging, ozone resistance, heat-resistant, electric insulation, oil resistance, solvent resistance, corrosion resistant, nonpoisonous and tasteless, pollution-free. 
● Working in air, water, oil and other medium at the temperature of -60℃ - +260℃ (moment maximum 300℃) with the high stability, reliability and surface inactive without sticky. 
● Apply to punch all kinds of rubber seal gasket or special for PVC vacuum laminating press, wooden door vacuum laminating press, glass vacuum laminating press, solar vacuum laminating press, hot laminating press and card laminating press etc.

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1 x Silicone Rubber Sheet

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